Thursday, March 24, 2011

International Visitors Flock To Kaiaua Too...

Kaiaua is well known internationally as a 'Birdwatchers Paradise' with huge flocks of little Godwits flying over ten thousand kilometres non-stop from Alaska annually to nest and rest here.
Dotterel breed here from September to March and the Pied Oystercatcher also winters over here.
The Wrybill, a threatened New Zealand species, the only bird in the world with a curved beak is here between January and July so there's plenty for the flocks of birdwatchers to see. And there's an Information Centre nearby.
German friends Erika and Willi sent me photos from when they were here last year.
Theirs is a very interesting, small, self contained and compact campervan with everything they could need in it's place ready for use at a moment's notice. Plus a couple of solar panels on the roof.
Bringing their camper with them from Germany, they travelled extensively throughout New Zealand.
They're another couple of birds we'd welcome back...

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  1. Today our day starts with a big surprise: Our Bussolino on top of your blog! Brave old Syncro.
    Seeing this we could consider to imitate the birds and come back one day to all those magnificent spots you use to show us in your blog. We are not only fascinated by nature and sights but even more by the amiable people we met in your country.

  2. Just let me know when you're arriving and I will tell the amiable people at Immigration and Customs to expect you...

  3. Keith, your significant influence will help us passing these hurdles ...
    (last time they took away our straw Christmas Deco)

  4. There were birds in NZ that I had never seen before. Normally, I have a fear of birds but there were so many unique ones there that I lost my fear and became more fascinated.

    Hope all is well. My email is: