Monday, March 21, 2011

Ken Ring And Weather Or Not...

Ken Ring is known as The Moon Man because he bases his opinions on the weather and the likelyhood of earthquakes on the position of the moon.
He's been having a stormy time lately.
The media loves to hate him while never acknowledging that they sell more papers or tv time because of him.
Earlier this year he offered an opinion that there would be, around February 18, a quake that would devastate the city of Christchurch.
He was right.
Ken's been under severe criticism from skeptics and scientists for daring to opine there would be another large earthquake in Christchurch yesterday, March 20.
He was right again.
Many hundreds of people had taken his opinion seriously and left town.
The 5.1 earthquake did no damage.
The skeptics and the scientists had a field day claiming him to be a scaremonger.
The only scaremonger among us is the media.
A lot of people swear by Ken Rings opinions on the weather.
A lot fewer people will be swearing at him this morning...
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  1. My son lives by shaky ol' San Francisco, I wish he would forecast for the US..