Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Petition's Progress...

Emily became the 300th person to sign the petition against the New Zealand's Department of Conservation's stupidity and environmental vandalism perpetrated by them here at the Port Jackson campground.
Normally there would be nearly five hundred happy campers here but because of Doc's 'little boxes' the gates had to be closed yesterday with only 370 campers including children, enjoying the delights of this instant and annual seaside community, the wonderful beach, the fantastic fishing and the fun of meeting up with like minded souls. New ones too.
Some will leave after a few days or so and others will arrive to claim a space.
Many have been coming here for thirty something years and unless the petition is listened to and steps are taken to stop DoC from turning this place into a 'holiday park with an online booking system' their annual camping and 'back to basics' way of life will end this summer. Unless they book a site, their children will not be able to experience the famous Kiwi way of camping. The first in first served tradition of selecting a campsite and being able to decide on the spur of the moment to 'get away from it all, let's go camping' and just doing it will be over but for the shouting...
To my regular readers and those in other countries in particular, I'm sorry if this issue has been the most written of topic of late but I make no apology for using my blog to write frequently and passionately on this very important issue.
A way of life is at stake here and I will do all in my power to see it preserved...
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  1. Keith, it would be a mistake for anyone to think this issue is of no account.....it will simply be another example of how we can be asleep at the wheel if we just roll over and pretend it isn't happening. The next generations could quite rightly wonder why we were so apathetic and made such a mess. Let's make sure they have some freedoms left when it is their turn to roam.

  2. I hope those campers realise what's at stake here, and that they "pull finger" and take a stand for the holidays that they've always had and hope to have in the future. Why does DoC think they have the need to go and spend our taxpayers money on unnecessary "improvements" when the campers are happy with how it's been for years and years.

  3. Thankyou. Yes I too hope that more people will stand up and be counted on this issue. For some reason New Zealanders, who were in the past, in the days of the Shadbolts, the Minto's and the Halt all Racist Tours, avid and passionate protesters who actually made a difference to our society.
    Now it's true to say, sadly, that they are apathetic... and will sit there as we lose yet another birthright to bureaucracy.
    But not yet.
    We will fight them on the beaches...

  4. A good idea Dave but I don't know how to go about that... I'll consider some options though. The proportional representation of the petition I have going here is very high... I'd like to retain that level... Feel free to give me some ideas on how...