Monday, December 13, 2010

New Zealand's Department Of Conservation Guilty Of Environmental Vandalism...

New Zealand's Department of Conservation has embarked on a three year programme of improvements to the once beautiful campsite at Coromandel's Port Jackson and in doing so have taken stupidity, arrogance and disregard for what the camping public and overseas visitors want to new levels.
Not being content with putting in bollards and fences, interrupting a view where the flow between the beach and the land was as natural as night following day, having no regard that the sea was not in fact eroding into the land but it being the other way round, and that the trees planted here forty years ago right on the edge of the beach are now at least two metres back, and the land has extended itself into the seas domain has not deterred DoC's stupidity one iota.
Oh no, now they have etched ugly lines into the grass to contain campers in little box-like squares. All this so they, DoC can set up a computer programme for people to book campsites online which is completely unneccessary.
This camp, like so many others around the country is only full at Christmas and Easter and people know that it is simply first in, first served. The way it's always been and should always be.
Now, this extraordinarily anal government department who cannot think outside the square, seeks to place campers in little squares too.
How dare they, in this country of pioneers and lovers of the land, have the audacity to fence in the campers who come to enjoy the freedom of a place such as this. And expect them to conform to the ridiculous rules and impositions conjured up by bureaucratic bunglers.
I propose giving DoC a taste of their own medicine and prescribe a good healthy dose of 1080 for each and every DoC employee. I would be very happy to administer such a dose to rid my beautiful country of this invasive pest...

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  1. Sad..these lines are ugly..Get some green paint and paint the ugly brown lines!

  2. Hideous describes the unnecessary eyesores that DoC has created!

  3. It just hastens my wish to leave this country I was once so proud of.

  4. What a bugga there arent any Moa's still around, the 2 legged variety, not the petrol fueled ones....They could have a lot of
    fun playing Hopscotch....Shame on DOC. Dont fix what aint broke....

  5. I think we can thank the upcoming Rugby World Cup for such DOC activities, every rental camper in NZ, plus some being shipped in from Australia are fully booked. You don't have to be psychic to figure out what an impact that will have on our fair land, albeit briefly. DOC have seized the nettle with this and clearly are seeking to accommodate this influx of overseas folk in their campers. Our district has just come under the Hauraki Council, they say they will be addressing freedom camping after this summer.Rally up those Beddy folk. I hear distant thunder!!

  6. Good on ya Keith---What a disgrace.By the way we have moved 1a Dundas rd.
    Gary and Beryl

  7. Thankyou for your comments and support. I will keep you all posted...

  8. It's a sad day for New Zealand.

  9. What a shame, boxing in, fitted to size NOT. Looks bad, does not fit.
    It ruins the kiwi dream of a spot close to the shore,
    higgledy piggeldy make it fit when there are more arriving.