Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Don't Fence Me In...

The bureaucrats that are The Department of Conservation continue to not take any notice of what the end user, the camper wants at Port Jackson and carry on carrying on with their arrogance and stupidity, fixing something else that isn't broken. Here the contractors go about their task of placing bollards along the edge of this beautiful campsite.
But nothing's set in concrete...
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  1. A bureaucrats job is to make him/her self feel important!

  2. They figure they have to make some changes or everyone will think they were not needed in the first place.

  3. A sad day when bureaucracy rules the simple pleasures in life......Port Jackson has been a part of NZ camping life for ever and it's a sad day when the view from your tent is marred by fences, just to satisfy some Govt department flexing their muscles...!!!

  4. And we are being invaded by who? Or is it to stop us escaping?!I suggest you liberate those posts, set them free!!!