Friday, December 10, 2010

Another Foodie Delight...

Now, back to the delights of Slow Food.
There's a Celebrity Chef here and yesterday it was out with the cast iron Camp Oven and on with this marvellous monster muffin.
'TFT's Olive, Onion, Oregano Savoury Muffin with Parmesan'.
Just mix up a few olives, half a cup of olive oil, some chopped red onion, a cup and a half of self raising flour, a cup of milk, and an egg. Put the mix in a 200mm diameter (8 inch) cake tin and cook it in the camp oven for about half an hour.
As you can see, it's gorgeous, and the taste is yummy.
Slow food. And the living is easy...
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  1. Looks good.....I'll have to give it a go, trouble is I don't have a camp oven

  2. Oh Jill, I'm so sorry you live a life of such deprivation...

  3. I am going to the store for olives..sounds wonderful.

  4. Get the black ones Frann, without any stones. Let us know how it turns out...