Thursday, December 23, 2010

Little Boxes...

Most of us spend our lives living in little boxes and will be committed to spending eternity in them too.
Why would you want to camp in one as well?
The unhappy campers here at Port Jackson are saying a big NO to the imbecilic bungling bureaucrats at New Zealand's Department of Conservation.
You will not take away our freedom!
NO! We will not give your ugly boxes a tick...
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  1. I would have thought that the whole point of camping is to get away from the structured suburban life and to enjoy camping at a distance from others if you so wish. A time to look forward to chilling out, and not tripping over your neighbours tent pegs, etc. It would look a bit like a refugee camp when full....What a peculiar example of DOC brainstorming, not to mention the cost to the taxpayer...A big thumbs down, DOC......Go and do something constructive, like looking after endangered wildlife, instead of trying to force campers onto Endangered species list....Bah, Humbug!!!!

  2. We do not need Big Brother DoC telling us what to do and how to do it. Give us a break!

  3. Love your photos of the last week....and what great weather we have now. Pity to spend the fabulous summer from your fenced in Port Jackson...Merry Christmas anyway

  4. Absolutely terrible ... taking away the freedom of the campers ... who look forward to their holiday of peace and tranquility ... not packed in like ...yes ... well said Christine ... like a refugee camp ... shame ...

  5. Dang, I thought that RVers lived in little boxes on wheels. So, what's the problem? (grin)

  6. Where's the problem? Pull the posts and park diagonally across the lines (or take grass seed , if you feel strongly enough).