Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lazy Sunday Morning...

This is paradise on a Sunday morning at Coromandel's Port Jackson.
You'll know by now that it's one of my favouritist places on the planet.
The morning started in the best possible way, there were Tui singing in the flax and the sun was shining into TFT around 7am.
Then there was a swim and breakfast will continue in the sun with the sounds of some wonderful opera. Just thought I should come in and share it with you.
Must go, there's Vitamin D to be had...
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  1. You have me missing the beach. I'm thinking that a trip to Roatan should be part of my plans.

  2. I really need to figure out how to come visit NZ. I just saw the movie Invictus and there was thos sexy man dance thing by the NZ rugby team.....what else are you hiding down there?

  3. Haha Frann, the man dance thing is called a 'Haka' and it's based on a Maori war dance they would perform to frighten the enemy. In this case the All Blacks, the New Zealand Rugby team perform it to intimidate their opponents... Shadowmoss, where are you based? Another day in the sun here DD, I guess I should bottle some for you...

  4. Hi Keith, That was a great beginning to a fantastic Coromandel day...Cheers Jill