Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Yes We Really Are Twins...

Hi, I'm Lucy and she's Maria and 
we've been twins for eighteen years.
Our mother Donna is half Jamaican and our father Vince Aylmer is white.
Our siblings, George 23, Chynna 22 and Jordan 21 have skin colourings between us two and Maria and I are at the opposite ends of the colour spectrum.
I study art and design at Gloucester College and Maria studies law at Cheltenham College.
Non-identical twins come from separate eggs so we've inherited different genes.
It's simple really and we're proud and happy... 


  1. Aren't they beautiful! I nursed with 2 sisters in New Plymouth like that. One Maori and one white. Same story. Super mix of genes- the Celt and the African. Not a new combo. Celts were here in NZ before the Maori.....Jennybee

  2. They both won the genetic lottery. Nice looking young women.

  3. Lovely story, lovely pictures. They are good ambassadors for tolerance of the differences in our human family.

  4. This just goes to prove that beautiful comes in all colours, shapes and sizes.