Thursday, March 19, 2015

This Man Has Photographed Everything His Right Hand Has Touched For The Past Eleven Years...

Alberto Frigo has photographed everything,
yes evidently everything according to his wife. Everything he's touched with his right hand he photographs with a tiny camera he carries
in his left hand.
Some would suggest the Italian has been touched by the sun and there are those who think the guy might get a real job. Or even a life.
But Mr Frigo is determined to continue with his rather bizarre and obsessive project until he reaches retirement age in another
twenty five years.
He shoots around seventy six images a day.
You do the maths...


  1. No lack of photos for his blog.

  2. It is interesting that this man, though born in a rural mountain area in Italy is now living in Sweden, a forward looking country.
    His obsession and his inclusion in the Dublin exhibition which is showing not only a personal take on self life documentation, but concern around the trend towards "Big brother" surveillance by authorities.
    His is an attempt at a playful approach to the dual subjects of our need to be wanted and concern about the increase of Government control of our lives.
    Interesting too that he shuns Social Media.
    I would like to meet him, and his long suffering wife too......Jennybee

  3. I don't think my wife would allow that.

  4. What an incredible waste of time & energy! How pitiful to spend one's life doing nothing that contributes to the welfare of others or serves a real purpose, & to die w/o any meaningful act to mark his brief journey on this earth. His tombstone can say little except, "I photographed my hand".