Sunday, March 15, 2015

Road Rage! You Really Wanna See Some Road Rage!

Road Rage!
You wanna see some Road Rage!
I'll show you some Road Rage!
It seems that even the meekest among us
is not exempt...


  1. I can't say any of these people look particularly meek. But what can you expect - being cooped up in a Faraday cage is not fun. I love that cartoon....!!

  2. Now THOSE are the ones for whom to take the keys away from.......


  3. And what did all that anger & moronic gestures improve? Just made these people look like ill bred, disrespectful, childish idiots. Nothing changed except the odds of some of these hotheads getting shot by another raging hothead.

  4. I suspect this kind of rage and frustration irrupts from excessive traffic density encountered over-often, which in turn springs from excessive population density. People lose respect for each other when they're too crowded together. There wasn't anything like this level of ambient hostility on the roads when I began driving 35 years ago - and when there were also substantially fewer people in the world.

    Also, automobiles appeal to our atavistic instincts - basically, they're deadly weapons - which is probably one of the principle reasons for their popularity. Global society's outsized commitment to them is an unmitigated disaster, IMHO.

  5. It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt.