Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Selfie Sticks, Handy Gadgets, Idiot Sticks Or Narcissus Sticks...

Time Magazine called the Selfie Stick
one of the great inventions of 2014 but they had forgotten all about Arnold Hogg of Rugby in England's Warwickshire who in 1926, fashioned what was probably the world's first Selfie Stick by somehow attaching a stick to a camera and made a photo of himself and his wife Helen. Much to the amusement of his family.
Some of us remember when, not so long ago, you were able to ask a complete stranger to make a photo of you without the fear of having your camera stolen.
And who knows maybe make a new friend.
But those days are gone and while there are many moments the stick is indeed a handy stick, we've become so insular this silly stick has taken away the need of human contact...


  1. That guy in the first picture with the cigarette in his mouth and the big Cheshire cat grin . . . it looks to me like he swallowed that Cheshire cat.

  2. Oh, the wonder of human ingenuity! Add to that the possibility of making a fortune and you have the perfect ingredients for progress. Be it good or bad (depending on who's making the money) you can't stop it.

  3. I love the goofy shot of the President of the United States of America.It shows just how silly selfies are.
    'The cute shot of the girl in the back of the van could never be a "Selfie". Thank goodness for the second person, the real photogropher.....Jennybee