Friday, March 20, 2015

Lizzie Velasquez Has Been Called The World's Ugliest Woman. She's Also The Most Courageous...

Lizzie Velasquez knows what it's like to be ridiculed and bullied.
From childhood onwards she's suffered the taunts of others in her neighborhood and from cyber bullies from around this sometimes very unpleasant world.
As a seventeen year old, she came across a video of herself on YouTube that described her as The World's Ugliest Woman.
Now twenty six this beautiful, inspirational and courageous woman has hit back with an anti-bullying doco about her life describing her battle with the rare condition called Marfan Syndrome and Lipodystrophy which doesn't allow her to put on weight. At five foot two, Lizzie weighs only fifty eight pounds.
She made an amazing public debut on TED and is now starring in A Brave Heart, her own story...


  1. Dear little Lizzie is a lovable woman regardless of Cyber taunting. She is what she is inside, same as all of us.
    That she has stepped into the limelight of Ted shows her courage and determination to be herself and help other people who are suffering from bullying.
    I hope she finds her blissful peace and fulfillment and she is well on the way to that. I send her my love across the ether...Jennybee

  2. Oh how terrible it was and still is for her!! Does that disease affect her health and longevity?

  3. Hah , serendipitous , I'd just posted this on another forum.
    Look at this one :


  4. Designer, Wilhelm Wagenfeld once said: "To be useful is to be beautiful". Lizzie is using her life to lift up others and help carry their burden of lost self-esteem. That certainly makes her beautiful. The world doesn't need another super model but it could sure use a lot more helping hands.

  5. God bless her & her courageous heart!