Friday, March 13, 2015

Patrice Laroche Presents The No Mess No Stress Way To Make A Baby...

The Quebec based photographer Patrice Laroche has his own idea about how to make a baby and there's no mess, no stress and
no storks either.
Patrice and his partner Sandra Denis documented this amusing pictorial sequence over funnily enough, a nine month time frame.
Hopefully their beautiful daughter Justine won't grow up to be an airhead.
Not that there's anything wrong with airheads.
It's a great idea Patrice but will it catch on.
Most folk will probably still prefer the old fashioned way.
There may be more mess, there may be more stress but it's a lot more fun...


  1. Looks like they did have fun....but can't help thinking- Could this method be slightly over-inflated?

  2. Seems like a lot of gas over breaking wind

  3. Could have saved them both a lot of trouble if he'd had a inner tube handy in his wallet...