Monday, March 30, 2015

Abel Deandres. Argentina's Modern Day Che Guevara...

More of an apple picker than a revolutionary
but Abel on his 1988 Honda R600 bears more than a passing resemblance to the wonderful charismatic revolutionary Che Guevara, and when he turned up at The Department of Conservation's Uretiti campground the other day he could have been taken for Che's brother at least. Well, I liked to think so.
My new friend Abel from Argentina has some wonderful tales to tell, some similar to those of Che's in The Motorcycle Diaries and when he's finished his epic tour around the world
he'll have a lot more.
The last I saw of him he was heading off to Motueka near Nelson in New Zealand's
South Island to pick apples.
Latcho Drom Abel...


  1. I was thinking I was the only one to watch the movie Latcho Drom

    1. One of my favourites Anglo, as is The Motorcycle Diarys...

    2. The Motorcycle Diaries is also a favourite of mine . Was not familiar with Latcho Drom so have just watched it (Utube) and loved it . Am a big fan of Django Reinhardt (wonderful gypsy guitarist ) so enjoyed music on Latcho Drum very much .

  2. "Motorcycle Diarys"
    Something to new to look into then


  3. This is a real story... and yet it seems to be full of surprises..

    however, one thing that struck me is that such a revolutionary can be so good writer.. full of humor..