Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Average Size Of A Man's Penis Is Now Publicly Exposed...

At last the question that men
have always desired the answer to and have been too embarrassed to ask.
And the question that most women have known to be irrelevant because they've known that size has never really mattered. Or has it.
Now scientists have measured more than fifteen thousand men's penises in an effort to find out what size is normal or average.
Researchers at King's College London hoped the review would help address the concern, anxiety and distress that some men
have about their penis size.
They revealed that the average flaccid penis is 3.6ins (9.16cm) long, or 5.2ins (13.24cm) when stretched and 3.7ins (9.31cm) in circumference.
Erect penises are 5.1ins (13.12cm) long on average and 4.5ins (11.66cm) in girth.
And we know don't we, that God gave man a penis and a brain, but not enough blood to use them both at the same time...


  1. This is one instance where using the metric system results in much more impressive numbers.

    1. Yes you're right Mr Undersized and it puts the males in the US at a huge psychological disadvantage. But I suppose you'll be a metric convert from now on so as not to mess with your head...

  2. Women are not good at estimating size because they are accustomed to hearing, "I swear, it's 8 inches".

  3. Pffft, no big deal ( ya , ya , I know, pun-ish ), 2.5 cm =/= 1 inch.
    At least close enough for for metre sticks..........
    Anglo ( Cdn )

  4. Fifteen thousand is not a large enough sample to make this kind of declaration.

  5. I like the joke...
    When a guy is watching a porno
    and says "where do they find guys with such small dicks?"

  6. Might give a new definition to the " selfie" stick!