Friday, September 19, 2014

Here's A Keep It Simple Stupid, Well Designed, Easy To Build Office, Sleepout, Spare Room Or Anything Garden Shed...

This is such a delightfully simple, easy and inexpensive shed to build.
You can build a KISS shed like this one in Hackney, on a limited budget and a short time frame. The simple framing timbers create ready made shelving and the shed is cladded with ply.
How simple is that.
The clear part of the roof allows natural light in and gives a welcome glimpse of the sky and the full-height doors retract and open completely allowing an unimpeded view of the outdoors.
Make it the right size and you'll probably get around any local planning restrictions too.
I'll see you at the shed party...

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Toyota's New Swiss Army Knife Of Cars Could Transform Into A Great Little Camper...

Toyota have just shown off it's latest Urban Utility Concept Car with its ultra-flexible interior designed to meet the a wide variety of needs.
According to Toyota the vehicle is the size of a car with the functionality of a small truck with the space of a cargo van.
So get out the can opener on your own Swiss Army Knife and start making some fun alterations to the family car... 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

This Micro House In London's Islington Could Be Yours For A Lot Of Monopoly Money...

This extremely tiny 188sq ft house with only one room in London's Islington neighborhood could be yours for what may seem Monopoly money.
The asking price if you're interested in perhaps adding to Euston Road and Pentonville Road giving you the full light blue set is only $450,000.
So just imagine what the house that's billed as the world's smallest house would be selling for if it was in the dark blue set of Mayfair and Park Lane in the famous game of Monopoly.
The cute little, little, did I say little? I meant micro. The cleverly designed micro house situated in the highly sought after area of Richmond Avenue boasts a lofted bed area accessible by way of the kitchen counter top, a toilet in the shower and a platform that acts as both a living room and dining room.
And no sorry, there just isn't any space
to swing the proverbial...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

These Damsels Are Not In Distress...

Looking more like some green-eyed aliens, these beautiful creatures that Romanian photographer Remus Tiplea found in his back garden are definitely not Damselflies in distress.
Spending much time patiently coaxing the little insects into position, Remus, a resident of Negresti Oas in Romania took these delightful close-up images.
More wonderful examples of Nature's beauty...

Monday, September 15, 2014

Why Is This Quirky House By Swedish Architect Tommy Carlsson Called The Happy Cheap House When Sadly It Seems So Expensive...

It's quirky, it could be fun but why this house
by the well known Swedish architect Tommy Carlsson is called a happy cheap house is not apparent. Sadly to me the prefabricated minimalist, corrugated clad house that looks like a cube after some major cosmetic surgery, seems so expensive.
But it does have some wonderfully practical and simple design features.
Like the water collection gutters, the small ventilation openings and the main entrance with its clever all-weather covering.
And plywood and corrugated iron are very good construction materials.
The house has been developed as a prototype for the low cost and space efficient prefabricated house market that is seen in Sweden.
But the costs seem expensive at E170,000 for a 110 sq metre house.
In the US, allowing for currency variations, the house would be around $180,000 and in New Zealand's currency it might be around $360,000.
I've been wrong before and once I was mistaken.
Perhaps it is a happy cheap house after all... 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Wonderful Wild Weird Wacky Witty World Of Caravansary At This Year's Burning Man...

Sixty five thousand happy pilgrims,  travelers, artists, musicians, vagabonds and seekers ventured to the annual Burning Man held as usual at Black Rock City on the Nevada Desert playa for a week at the end of August.
The theme for 2014 was Caravansary, an Asian or North African term for desert travelers or a group traveling in a caravan.
Caravans were many as were some wonderful wacky weird witty and wild temporary homes on wheels and without.
Burning Man is an annual experiment of a temporary community coming together for this time in a spirit of love, peace, radical self expression and self reliance.
For many it's a must on their bucket list...