Saturday, March 7, 2015

Beautiful Little Character Motorhomes From Way Back...

These little character motorhomes may be old but many are still providing pleasure for their owners, some more than sixty years after their original manufacture.
It's highly unlikely today's mass produced motorhomes will even be in one piece in a few years time, let alone still being driven on the roads least travelled.
And yes, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder...


  1. I love those old Campers.
    I did a Central Australia tour in 1987 with my sister and her partner and my 2 teenage children in a VW Combie Camper. 3 adults and a child slept comfortably inside . I slept upstairs with the 12 year old.The couple on a capacious bed when the back seats folded down.
    The thirteen year old slept in a mosquito proof tent.
    I also owned a 67 Combie called Lizzy and travelled extensively in it around New Zealand with my babies, me and the 2 year old on a proper bed and the baby in a cot across the back window. Curtained of course, but sadly have no pics.
    I later did a "Cake Run" in Lizzy by building many shelve inside, easily available through the side door.

  2. All of them seem wonderful. It would be great to spend a couple of days in each to see which is the best. That purple one is especially attractive.

  3. Heaven on Wheels.......

  4. I wish I had one of those parked in front of my house, all tanked up & ready to roll. I'd head for the southern border. Might take it all the way to Uruguay.

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