Monday, March 9, 2015

And Now Would You Believe, There's The Flying Weasel...

And now there's The Flying Weasel.
Avid Essex bird watcher and photographer Martin Le-May couldn't believe his eyes but was quick enough to capture this amazing image
of a green woodpecker flying with
a weasel on it's back.
The unwelcome passenger was shaken off mid flight and without a parachute managed a free fall to the ground. It then ran apparently uninjured from the scene. Aviation and airport authorities are searching the area for the weasel who hasn't been through any pre-flight security checks, paid any airport dues or had it's immigration or residency status checked.
There's evidently a lot of illegal immigrants weaseling their way into the area and border control are busy with the enormous workload caused by this unwelcome visitor.
Versions of the true story are here and here...


  1. Wow, what a photo opportunity, and he was quick enough to capture it on film (or digital). Nice!!

  2. Could thIs be the birth of a new airline? Air Woodpecker.....specially designed for those who like to travel dangerously......or illegally....

  3. Totally unbelievable that Martin got the shot... Kudos!
    As well, our airlines have trouble with oversized passengers, but "Air Woodpecker" can only handle a couple of ounces!

  4. New method of ejecting passengers "pop goes the Weasel"

  5. I feed many birds & have all sizes. Several times throughout the years, I have seen tiny songbirds jump onto the backs of doves while they are feeding on the patio. I don't know the purpose & have never seen one co-pilot a flight, but it is amusing.

  6. PLEASE tell me this isn't how the Flying Tortoise got it's name....