Thursday, March 12, 2015

Plant This Clever Seed Impregnated Coffee Cup In The Soil And Watch The Most Beautiful Garden Grow...

Isn't this such a clever and about time
sort of wonderful idea.
It's an idea that could well be the germ of an idea for many other disposable products.
Fast food packaging especially.
More than one hundred and forty five billion disposable coffee cups are discarded annually
in the US alone.
This seed impregnated, compost certified example has wildflower seeds embedded in it
so when planted or even thrown away in an uncaring act of littering, it can and will help replenish barren soil and attract and feed indigenous local pollinators.
There's more about it here and here.
An idea to beautify our world...


  1. It is about time for the wild flowers to bloom here in Texas and when they do, it is a sight to behold!!

  2. What a great idea! Let's all plant a garden....

  3. Wonderful! Who thought of this? Love the good news that's happening too. We seem to be hearing and seeing only the bad news.

  4. My grandchild's nursery school teacher had her little ones pick up beverage cups that littered parking lots, the zoo, library, etc., (with supervision) & then, she helped them plant seeds. The children carefully nurtured their seedlings until they were ready to go outside. That was 5 yrs ago & she has faithfully continued this ritual & also influenced her mom, we grandparents & several friends. I wish all teachers were as devoted to our children as this teacher!