Friday, March 6, 2015

Sarah And William Show Love Is Possible Without The Internet...

There's a Scottish tourist called Sarah
sitting on the grass at picturesque Picton,
New Zealand's inter-island ferry terminal
to the South Island.
She sees a man walking his dog and fancies him. The man, not the dog. Well maybe the dog too. So anyway, she writes a lovely note, an invite on a card, to meet her there on Tuesday.  Suddenly the whole world knows Sarah is looking for this guy and it only takes a nanosecond for him to be identified as William and informed he's the most desired man
on the planet.
And yes, they do meet on Tuesday
but will they fall in love and still be an item
by Wednesday.
For those watching this space.
An update Monday March 9.
Sarah and William have informed the media
that their relationship is all over.
And good on them, probably the only way the two will ever get some privacy. It's all got a bit out of control they said as they went off in different directions so they could meet up and who knows, perhaps travel the same path. Together... 


  1. What a heart warming event.
    I'm glad you're doing a "Watch this space" on it.......Jennybee

  2. Old fashioned love ?? more like old fashioned Lust !! Someone should take the keys off that Tourist before she causes more "wrecks" .

  3. People meet in the strangest ways and love at first sight is one of them. Of course, seeing is just the bait. Once they get to know each other, the rest will come later. Can't wait to see how things turn out.

  4. Brazen hardly covers this young woman's approach. How does she know he is not a rapist, a psycho killer or a nut job? Either or both could have STDs or AIDs & in this age of violence, taking any chance with a stranger is just foolish! It seems adventurous & romantic & she's apparently proud of it as she's posted her sign & their photo, but it is a dangerous way to pick up a date.