Saturday, February 4, 2012

Spain Makes The World's First Tiny Fold-Up Car...

This tiny electric fold-up car was designed in Spain's Basque Country as the answer to urban driving stress.
Christened 'Hiriko', the Basque word for urban, this tiny revolutionary car is the successful result of collaboration between seven small Basque companies.
Hiriko is only 1.5 metres long, is foldable,
is electric, has one lift-up door, no luggage trunk, and not one motor but four,
one located on each wheel.
It's wheels turn at right angles for
easy sideways parking.
Available from 2013, it folds up like a child's collapsible stroller and has a driving range of 120 kilometres on one charge, it's speed electronically set to respect city limits.
It could well be a city owned vehicle available for hire like bicycles in many European cities.
Read more about it here.
It's pretty damn cute isn't it...
My thanks to TFT's Roving Reporter, Victoria.

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  1. Wow, that is cute! This century's answer to the rickshaw?

  2. How cute! Petite is a good word for it, though at the same time, it also has that sexy appeal because of how sleek it looks. In a way, it has the same principle as the design of a cell phone, where smaller and leaner models look cool and convenient thanks to their compact frames.

  3. I heard a story of a dood coming home from the pub in a bond-mobeal (they also had the door opening at the front). They had a head on with a tree and couldn't get out.

  4. What an innovative design. It could be the answer to a lot of things - space, speed, fossil fuels and of course parking. I wonder, if in time, they will become as popular as bicycles?

  5. I'd take you to McDonalds but there's not enough room for a large coke, a big bucket of fries and half a dozen cheeseburgers.