Saturday, February 18, 2012

Charlie Bit My Finger - Again...

In 2007, three year old Harry put his finger in his one year old little brother Charlie's mouth.
Charlie bit it. Then Charlie bit it again.
The father, Howard Davies-Carr was making a video of the boys to send to relatives.
He sent the clip to YouTube.
The rest is history..
As of a few minutes ago, over 421,301,600 people had viewed the clip!
It's the world's most viewed amateur video.
There are 'Charlie Bit My Finger' fan clubs all over the world.
In their list of YouTube's 50 Greatest Viral Videos, Time Magazine rated 'Charlie Bit My Finger' as number one!
If you're the person who hasn't seen this completely underwhelming video,
you can have a look here...
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  1. Harry just doesn't get it. LOL.

    Renee :)

  2. Not terribly controversial but cute.

    the rat

  3. I know people who get lost in youtube and will watch vidoes for hours. I can't sit still that long!