Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Does Brazil Have The World's Most Beautiful Street?

Evidently there's an estimated eleven million miles of paved roads on planet Earth.
And hardly any parking spaces.
A sprawling asphalt and concrete network that represents man's conquest of the inaccessible wild landscape.
Ironically the best land now has cities and towns planted on it instead of food.
And also ironically, the streets deemed the most beautiful are those that closely resemble the wild and untamed.
There's a street in Brazil that has the title of the most beautiful street in the world, awarded by an international travelling audience.
It's the Rua Goncalo de Carvallo in the city of Porto Alegre.
Over one hundred and twenty Tipuana trees line the road, creating a 'green tunnel'.
You can have a look here for directions...

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  1. Yes, it is beautiful but I still prefer a narrow country road winding through a pristine forest. Am I dreaming? At least there used to be roads like that.

  2. Oh my that street is truly spectacular.


  3. I wonder if you have to wash monkey poop off your windshield? Large population of birds at the very least. Must sound delightful!

    the rat

  4. beautiful!
    dizzy duck, we have some narrow lanes going through the forest here and its beautiful

  5. i live near this street. its really beautiful and inspiring, as well as other nearby streets. hey, there are no monkeys jumping around the streets in brazil, as some foreigners usually think! thats quite funny. thanks for the post.