Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Clever Idea For Living Larger In A Small Space...

Not a new idea but a clever one for living
a bit larger in a small space.
A pull-out dining table and seating.
There could be problems with load bearing, critical mass and all that sort of thing but that's just being a bit critical.
It's a great idea whether used for eating at, a desk area or whatever.
I found it here on Treehugger...
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  1. I love this. Very clever and innovative.

  2. Cute, but would that drawer hold the whole body weight of a grown-up? The table is fine but I'd rather sit on a stool, thank you!

  3. you can get 500 lb (226 kilograms)load bearing full extension drawer slides. They are not an unusual item and will fit stock kitchen cabinets. But you would want to have good quality wood in the cabinet framing so the screws hold tight.