Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Judging A Book By Its Cover...

My Bohemian friend Andrina owns what is humorously known as a plastic Tupperware container on wheels.
Or a Wheely Bin.
It's true that you won't see many here,
in fact this is the first time one has ever featured on this blog.
Perhaps it won't be the last.
From the outside, it's the same as the conventional ubiquitous recreational vehicle we see in many countries around the world.
The inside is anything but conventional.
RV manufacturers would throw up their hands in despair and outrage, crying 'desecration' and 'you've trashed and devalued this asset'.
Andrina doesn't give a hoot about resale values plummeting.
Her bottom line is a wonderfully creative environment to call home.
She knew her wheely bin had a good engine and chassis, it was the right size and easy to drive.
It just needed, well, a bit of modifying.
It needed a box cutter, a saw, not a chainsaw, oh no, she didn't want a massacre.
But she did need a heavy blunt instrument.
We now have a work in progress.
A book with some chapters to be written...

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  1. Love it - best way to live - if you dont like the neighbours just move on. Keep it going girl. Neat site.

    1. Thanks Mum, you are an inspiration. Love you.

  2. It certainly is original and built to reflect the owner. Well done.

  3. As long as she is happy, that's all she needs, and to hell with resale value!

  4. Awesome...and she stays true to what she wants!!! after all is reflects her and isn't that what our living spaces should be...Good for her...LOL

  5. a sacred space,

    I noticed I disappeared from your followers list. I don't know why, so I signed back up?

    the rat

  6. ohhh lovely!
    we had to change from our old converted citroen h van 'pippin' (ex edf then vinyard workhorse) because health reasons meant we could not maintain him. we did something we never thought we would do and buy a 1999'white brick'...luckily it was an empty shell so we did what we have always done build our own interior and as we cannot afford to have it painted we are slowly building up a mural of stickers!