Thursday, February 2, 2012

Vicky Brings Betsy The Bedford Home...

For those of you waiting for news about Betsy,
Vicky flew way down to Oamaru in New Zealand's South Island to bring Betsy home.
Vicky told me before she left home, that she'd grown her fingernails especially for the trip which she anticipated would be a nail biting experience.
A few days home and her knuckles are still white and her arm muscles still ache as she recounts the 1100 kilometre journey home to Whangaparoa, north of Auckland.
"It wasn't tooooo bad' she says "except I couldn't ever seem to find second gear and sometimes third went missing and then a few hundred k's before home with the hardest bit of driving about to happen because of the traffic build up, the driver's side mirror fell off.
With fatigue I guess and probably fear.
I would have done the same thing.
But it was even more scary then".
Now Betsy's home and her children spent the next day sweeping out all the spiders and planning their new home on wheels.
Now it's on with the building of Betsy...

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  1. Thanks for all your support Keith - it made me feel a lot more confident knowing that there was someone checking up on how Betsy & I were doing.
    You are a gem!
    Hugs, V x

  2. That's a great truck! I'd love to see the inside when you get it done.