Monday, February 13, 2012

Cyclists Choose Bike Riding Rather Than Sex...

In a survey recently published on Treehugger
it shows that in the yet to be published March copy of Bicycling Magazine, 58% of women surveyed out of five thousand say they'd choose cycling over sex if they had to abandon one of these two pursuits for a month.
And 50% of males said they'd also prefer to give up sex for a month rather than not ride their bikes.
Which begs the next question.
Is bike riding that good?
Or more to the point.
Is their sex life so bad...
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  1. I was about 13 yrs old when I quit riding bikes. Of course, that is about the same time I got interested in girls. Probably a coincidence. Hope all went well today my friend.

    the rat

  2. Those pointy little seats never did much for me.

  3. Maybe it's because cycling can last for days if you have the strength to pedal that long whereas ----- you know what I mean my friend !