Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Zealand's Bio-Security. A Bit Of A Laugh...

A couple of days ago, it was dozens of apples with US labels littering the beach.
Yesterday it was cabbages and broccoli.
Some days it's onions or oranges.
Or coconuts.
I wonder what it'll be today.
Ships waiting their turn to come in and tie alongside at Whangarei's harbour have all their meat and vegetables confiscated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries who run a tight ship of their own. Haha.
Bio-security it's called. It's to stop unwanted pests coming into New Zealand.
To reduce the amount of food on board, and to reduce the cost of their fees, some of these ships throw their food overboard while they wait.
It comes ashore on our beautiful East Coast beaches.
If you and I come to this country on an overseas flight and we have an undeclared apple or suchlike in our possession,
there's an instant fine of $200.
And nobody finds that very funny...

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