Sunday, February 12, 2012

How To Get The Most From Your Solar Set-Up...

I've been living with solar, getting my electricity from the sun for more than twenty one years.
This innovative, simple, robust, easy to use, adjustable solar system is the best motorhome set-up I've seen.
Tilting a panel to the sun is definitely effective. Before Brian and Marge elected to go with this tilting device on their 9 metre Isuzu motorhome, I'd shown them an 85 watt panel lying flat on the ground getting 2.3 amps, then when it was tilted, 5.1 amps. Simple stuff really, not rocket science but something that was going to easily give them more bang from their buck.
Brian and Marge have lived on their aptly named bus 'Kiwi Style' for a couple of years.
They wanted to be able to watch TV, run a laptop, a microwave, a washing machine, lights, music and anything else without worrying about power shortages and outages.
They're now free to roam and never have to plug into the 'national grid'.
Glen Croule, the genius I featured here a couple of weeks ago and a solver of problems helped Brian with the design and then went on to make this simple, it has to be simple, robust, it has to be robust, easy to use, yes it has to be... mechanical structure from Aluminium box section.
It works lying flat on the roof while travelling and is most effective when in any one of it's angled positions. Three of the 120 watt panels remain flat and as you can see, three, with good space between them so as to not create too much wind resistance are angled.
Along with the 720 watts of solar, there's two 325 amphour AGM batteries to give a great combination of power input and storage.
Then to make sure there's no voltage loss, one of the most common faults in solar installation, all the cabling is really heavy duty.
Solar is getting cheaper daily.
There's never been a better time than now to get off-grid and say goodbye to those greedy, manipulative power companies... 

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  1. I may need his number - a bit further down the road. That is a fab solution to the whole tilting thing.

  2. A marvellous example of what can be done how it all fits together
    and how it can be done.

  3. I simply must get a lil motor home...with a pull behind coop for the!

  4. dear Mr. Keith,I can't tell you how honored I am to have you visit my little site. thank you so much.
    the rat

  5. Yes solar is fab, love it . It is quiet easy and does not pollute

  6. hi to you all this 13/03/2012 is my first day on here and i hope to remain as right know im living in my motorhome but need to upgrade to a free living home but some where you have to pay to keep it on the road so its not complely free, one thing i must do is to get it complely off grid and i will.
    There is just me and my loving Machio a husky male and he is just 3 years old and i love him so much my life has change for the better so know i need as much help in the setting up of my sola off grid power as im just geting into it where do i start, what do i buy first and what power should i use