Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Remarkably Simple Life Of Dan Price The Hobbit Man...

My friend Dan Price The Hobbit Man and the author of Moonlight Chronicles, recently sent me some new images of what he's been up to down on the two beautiful acre meadow where he's lived for the last twenty four years.
Dan featured here a while ago and more recently on The Shelter Blog.
He's been living on less than $5,000 a year for a long time now and remains an inspiration to all who wish to get the hell out of the rat race.
Dan does it differently to most but the important thing is that he does it his way.
The Hobbit Man is being true to himself...


  1. Doesn't look like Home to me.
    There is lots of room in the World for extremists though.
    Good on him....Jennybee

  2. I have seen other troglodytes caves , his is far from extreme , and yes , good on him

  3. Its a nice little workspace. Certainly better than any office cubicle many people spend their working hours in.

  4. It would be difficult for most people to live such a solitary life (with the exception of religious hermits who keep constant contact with God) & without even rudimentary sanitation, medical/dental care & fulfilling work to do. Becoming a cave man does not appeal to me but to each his own. God bless him!

  5. What I really admire about him or about anyone who is prepared to go so radically off grid is that his way of life is, among other things, a way of telling global capitalist industrial society with its onerous burdens and usurious modalities to go f___ Itself. Bully for him! And I am *not* being facetious.