Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Japanese Styled Tiny House On Wheels...

The Japanese know well how to combine traditional style with simple modern pure minimalist design and have influenced many of the world's leading architects.
Here with this little house on wheels is a fusion of 'western' exterior styling with some of the Japanese philosophies one would see in a traditional Tea House such as Wabi-Sabi and the use of natural materials. We see the use of the wonderful Tatami mats too in this delightful one hundred and thirty four sq foot house.
There's more about living with less here...


  1. Japanese design has always been one of my favorites because of the instant serenity it exudes just by looking at it. My only problem with this is that I'm not Japanese and my muscles have not been trained to sit on a tatami mat unsupported from various sides. As I get older my back longs for the support of a recliner. This design is not my cup of tea.

  2. A Japanese transformer house! Brilliant.

  3. Sweet! Most western minimalism I can't stand - cold, soulless - but the Japanese do it so well. Like Danish modern in natural woods only more so. Sinking the cooker under the floor is a clever space-saving measure. Are there solar panels up top?

    Only prob is, the tatami mats require one to kneel, and I can't be doing that now - got awful tendinitis in one foot.

  4. It's beautiful to look at, but not realistic for "old" American folks!