Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Beautiful Danish Designed Minimalist VIPP Shelter...

VIPP have been working with steel since
the 1930's when Holger Nielsen founded the company in the small town of Randers
with the sole purpose of producing
a beautiful rubbish bin.
Yes a rubbish bin. Rubbish bins were a very important item, a status symbol and certainly a way of keeping ahead of the Joneses back then, not that there were many Joneses in Denmark.
Holger was so successful with his venture, his iconic pedal bin that is used around the world  proudly takes it's place in New York's
Museum of Modern Art.
Now the design team headed by Morten Bo Jensen have taken the company's reputation to another level with this beautifully designed and manufactured prefabricated steel shelter that comes with everything except the new owners food, wine and a site for the minimalist 592 square foot home to sit on.
There's more here, here and here...


  1. This beautiful house certainly fits my taste for understated elegance. Now for the minor detail of getting the money to make it a reality.

  2. If design has a certain quality, it will last. I know the pedal bins from my childhood where these bins were to find in doctor's and dentist's consultations. And I still find the form and quality excellent. Maybe a fact that the man who started his company in his workshop in my home town adds to the quality. The frefab house is also beautiful and I'll say typically Danish design. And though the designer says he is not an architect, I think he has been looking to some of the most famous Danish architects when he designed this house.

  3. I like the design as art
    Just not convinced on practicality

  4. Can't say I care for it. The bed chamber looks like a crematorium. Steel is just too cold for interiors. Where's the warm natural snuggly cuddly cozy-looking wood?