Sunday, March 22, 2015

New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key Isn't Planning Telling The Truth About Anything Anytime Soon...

New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key, say it quick and it sounds like Shonkey or Donkey,
told reporters when asked about how he denies any knowledge, fudges answers, tells half truths, has convenient memory lapses, avoids answering by sidestepping the questions, obfuscates and pulls the wool over the eyes of those he thinks came down in the last shower that he won't be changing his ways in this,
his third term in office.
Hell, I've got a winning formula here and it serves me right, I mean well. I can't see the point in changing my ways and telling the truth now at this time in my illustrious career.
What about the petition addressed
to you Mr Key urging you to get treatment for your pathological lying?
Ha! You know what I think about petitions.
There's people out there who actually believe what I say and one of my closest personal friends even calls me Honest John...


  1. Calling him Honest John would is the same as calling a skunk Petunia.

  2. Is Honest John a natural and original like Tricky Dick, or did he get it from Soapy Sam?

    In places where people vote, our politicians reflect who we truly are as a people. They're not from Mars. Kinda scary to reflect upon.

  3. There are many political leaders worldwide who fit this exact character description. Are they all brothers or have they just gone to the same school?

  4. I think they are all taking lessons from our president, Obama, who is trying his hardest to transform our nation into a socialist, anti Semetic, godless, bankrupt country whom no nation fears. Sadly, no one has the cajones to demand his impeachment. He does not love the USA, is clueless on how to run a lemonade stand (having never had a real job), knows even less about defending our country or listening to military leaders, has a Conneticut soc security card & spent over $1 mil to conceal his birth certificate.He spends $1 mil on vacations, plus what it cost to fire up Air Force II for his dog & the $150,000 a yr dog handler (Muslims cannot come in contact w dogs).Even his wife has attempted to force her agenda on us (ex: her changing school lunch room menus that ultimately has cost schools a fortune in waste because the kids won't eat her diet). Ronald Reagan would spin in his grave is he saw what has become of the most powerful, richest nation in the world---which is the way he left it.

  5. Being a psychopath as a politician is surely optional but it apparently makes the job easier.

  6. Keith, be it far from my purview to tell you whose or what kind of comments to publish on your blog, but I have to say that the comments by this particular "Anonymous" are at least as offensive as they are false.

    Let me make it plain, I am no Obamaphile, I think he is easily as corrupt as the whole lot of other world "leaders", but "Anonymous" is simply repeating the Tea Party extremist echo-chamber that he/she hears on hate radio. If you are going to attack someone's integrity, at least have the decency to do it based on something that they actually deserve it for. Keith, please vet your commenters a bit more carefully to weed out this kind of drivel.

    As for Ronald Reagan, I really, ~really~ do hope he is spinning in his grave in eternal damnation. That man promoted, if not outright started a culture war that effects the entire planet to this day.

    1. I do have problems with Anonymous comments from time to time Mr Sharkey and I thankyou for your opinion regarding this one.
      I could choose to use the 'no anonymous comments' option but would rather not.
      Now you've commented on it I'm not about to take it off as doing so would make your comment nonsensical.
      Then there is the issue of Freedom of Speech and I am an advocate of that.
      There is much I disagree with that Anonymous has written and I too wish that Reagan had just confined his dubious talents to acting.
      That said, there are points of view that I will just tolerate. Sometimes...

    2. Keith;

      While I am glad to hear that you have standards, I implore you to please recognise the difference between opinion and batshit crazy fabrications, which "Anonymous'" comments seem to be fully based upon. That birther crap has no place on your blog, nor do any other slanderous fabrications about politicians or anyone else.

      My own first preference would be to read a blog that has no overt political overtones, there are plenty of places on the Internet to find that stuff.

      To "Anonmyous":

      You want some ammunition to attack Obama with? How about starting with some truths:

      1) Lied to the electorate about closing Gitmo

      2) Utterly failed to bring the corrupt Bush administration to justice for it's many war crimes

      3) Increased surveillance of all world citizens, and particularly in the US

      4) A drone assassination program that has killed thousands of innocent civilians world wide

      5) Prosecution of whistleblowers, including the forcing down of Ecudor's president's plane in search of Edward Snowden and torturous imprisonment conditions for Bradley Manning, while ignoring outright lies and treasonous exposures by his own cabinet officials.

      6) Lied to electorate about having a "transparent administration", has classified more documents that GWB

      That's the short list that comes to mind right now.

      I don't fucking CARE how many vacation days he takes, or what he does on them. It's utterly useless to speculate about whether he can pet his own dog, or has to hire a petter to do it for him. Just don't mouth off about utter fabrications and think that your job is done.

      Know how George W Bush beat down John Kerry in the 2004 elections? He attacked him on his strengths. Attacked his military service record when he didn't even have one of his own because he dropped out of the National Guard. Bush won (or better, successfully stole the election) because Kerry was too much of a pussy to fight back. Now he's Secretary of State. Oh joy.

      Next election cycle we get to pick another corrupt politician to "lead" the country, and it looks like we'll be picking out of the same old pile of debris. God forbid we get a candidate who actually has the potential the be a statesman and leader. If that person were put up for election, you can be sure that "Anomymous" and their ilk would sic the Koch Brother on them to ensure that they stay in their place.

      Give me a politics-free zone, it's much less aggravating.

    3. Let's not forget my friend that this post is a satirical one about the Prime Minister of New Zealand who is a stranger to any form of truth...

  7. FYI: I do not listen to nor read "hate" accounts. I do, however, confirm reports I read/hear regarding Obama & Co. via sworn documents, actual proof of allegations & photos. I am not an ignorant redneck but have a doctorate in Sociology/Psychology & am learned enough to know how to pursue accusations & determine the truth for myself. Your charge against Reagan is ridiculous, as it was the ignoble, contemptible press & self serving politicians that created the "class war". Apparently you have not done your research. And Keith, I am sorry you have problems w some of my posts. I am 78 years old & have earned the right to speak my mind!!

    1. You are entitled to say what you like on this blog, within reason and I'm perfectly aware that any political statement is contentious.
      This piece about John Key is presented as a satirical piece but it is true that I have very little respect if any for the politicians of the world. I trust none of them.
      Anonymous statements are well, so anonymous and to me it's a shame people hide behind that moniker. I know some prefer to speak with another name and that is well and good. You have the right to speak here Mr SevenyEight and so too does Mr Sharkey.
      Let's just keep on keeping on...

    2. Anonymous:

      OK, I concede that you are an ~educated~ redneck hater...

      Obviously, with age does not automatically come wisdom nor the ability to recognize fact from fantasy. Why do you even read this blog if it is so foreign to your sensibilities?

  8. Maybe we could raise Reagan with a ouiji board and a spot of necromantic invocation. After all it worked for the White Witch.

  9. Sadly, my post was not Tea Party crap since every word is provable. It is interesting that my observations are dismissed while your readers' disrespectful rants are published. I am not "an intelligent redneck hater"--I'm from the South & we love rednecks: "Duck Dynasty" has made being redneck fashionable. Interesting when adults cannot express themselves w/o a string of foul language but instead, go on the attack if an opinion differs from their own. We see that a lot in Psychiatry when knuckle dragging Troglodites do not have the tools or the vocabulary to adequately conduct an intelligent discourse. It is sad that many do not recognize the death throes of our country & do not care that Obama takes million dollar vacations & pays a dog handler more than teachers make in 3 years. I volunteer at a food bank & yes, elderly people DO eat cat food, & do w/o needed medicine because the Soc Security they paid in to provides them w a poverty level life. The notion that I suggested raising Reagen with a ouiji board is too stupid to respond to. And BYW, necromantic is not a word---necromancy is. I am unfamiliar with the occult & witches, white or red, so you have a distinct advantage over me. The blog is not foreign to my sensibilities. Why are my conclusions less authentic than your own? I do not "hide" behind anonymity or use a catchy pseudonym; I value my privacy. I did not realize there were so many contributors who are so sure they are right, they jeer & scoff at opposing convictions. I love my country & value the standards & values it was founded on. I am sorry you all don't.
    Keith, I did not introduce politics as subject matter. Your subject was about your PM failing to tell the truth. Using the rationale of some of your responders, did you personally verify a lie detector test proving your accusations; did his own staff expose his dishonesty, his arrogance in lying to the people he is sworn to represent----? (This is the case w Obama.) Do not introduce a subject if you are not prepared for the conclusions of readers. A responder to me suggested there were too many blogs available that I can engage, rather than to waste time expressing my freedom of speech on this one. The abuse & disrespect one risks by having a difference of opinion here exposes the lack of common civility & courtesy of mature adults.

  10. Once again, I must bow down in deference to Anonymous for pointing out the error I made previously. When I wrote "Educated redneck hater", What I really should have written was "Educated hater redneck" So sorry for the confusion.

    Anonymous, if you ~really ~ think that you can present proof that Barack Obama is a Muslim, post it up. I don't see any verifiable evidence of your nitwit accusations.

    As I said before, I don't disagree with you that the President of the US of A deserves a nice solid kick in the balls. At least pick something to hate him for that matters. Being of a religion that you might not agree with or taking what you consider undeserved expensive vacation days is a ~really~ silly, non-consequential FABRICATION upon which to base your dislike.

    My take is that you are at least a religious intolerant, if not an outright racist. Get over it, in less than two years, you'll have Hillary to hate on (god help us all).

  11. Because I can't wait to get in another punch at Anonymous, here some factual information about Presidential vacations. A simple Boogle search turns up that the current White House resident has taken fewer vacation days than GW Bush, Bill Clinton, or Ronald Reagan:

    "(As of) Aug. 26 (2014), Obama was up to 140 days ... Bush’s total for his two terms in office is 533 days, which includes 490 at the ranch and the rest at Kennebunkport. For comparison’s sake, President Bill Clinton’s total is 174 days, and Reagan hit 390 (349 at his ranch and 41 in Palm Springs)"

    (From, there were dozens of similar results)

    Anyone with Internet access can also search up "The rumor that won't die", that Obama is a Muslim (search it yourself, it's easy, just enter "obama muslim rumor"). Don't you think that if he was a member of this religion, that this "fact" would be available via reliable, established news sources like The New York Times, The Guardian, etc?

    He's a socialist? Hey, I might dislike him a little bit less if he was effective at bringing more social equality to everyday life.

    Can't wait to see what the troll brings up next...