Monday, August 8, 2011

You're Welcome Mr President...

As you requested Mr President, I've just sent five hundred copies of my latest book to distribute as you see fit to the Republican and Tea Party members of the US Government.
Just a quick question Mr President if I may.
How do you react to the widespread criticism that the US has blatantly abused it's privileged position as the 'World's Reserve Currency' by being downgraded by Standard and Poors from a AAA rating to AA+?
We in New Zealand have long suffered from the US sneezing and can at least expect to catch a cold or a very bad cough.

"Yes, that's another very good question Keith but I'll have to get back to you on that.
Oh and thanks for sending more copies of your fascinating and illuminating little book, How to Live Well On A Small Income.
The cheque's in the mail..."

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  1. You made me smile!!

  2. The book is to the point - that is why the US will not take any notice of its contents - not enough to bash their gums over.

  3. Wachout the cheque will probably bounce!