Saturday, August 6, 2011

Beautiful Bamboo Bicycle...

Australian design student Alexander Vittouris has come up with this mavellous idea where the bamboo, known for it's strength and lightweight, is actually grown to the shape of the bike's frame.
Called the Ajiro, this prototype features a green growing canopy, a windscreen and an underseat storage made from woven bamboo. The back wheels do the steering but I'm not sure how the rest of this wonderful machine works.
So might we now have bicycle farms where bamboo frames and spare parts are harvested when ready.
"A new handlebar sir, certainly we've just picked a new crop this morning".
Quite a concept. Quite beautiful...
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  1. amazing brillant my kind of style ,love it
    love it very much ,i think ill make our
    house truck like this

  2. thanks for the info...good to know people are working towards a survivable tomorrow!

  3. Bicycle farms what a great idea!

  4. Seen another concept here in New Zealand, on tv last year? This has more Eastern beauty, magical, thanks