Monday, August 29, 2011

A Tiny Wooden Housetruck...

Mr Sharkey is well known to many alternative mobile-home dwellers all over the world.
He started a forum some years ago and has recently given it over to Stuart.
You'll find the forum at
Have a look, it's home to some interesting folk and perhaps a place to call into occasionally.
It's where I found Yoeddynz's gorgeous little 1985 Hino's housetruck.
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  1. Great viewing to have a blow by blow account of a housetruck build. Fascinating!

  2. I found Yoeddynz's posts a few months ago and had to read them all from the beginning to end (it took me a few hours) - the above pic is of his first, much smaller housetruck that he built I think in the UK. The one he has just finished now (the hino one) is HUGE. A totally awesome build - I found it very inspiring!