Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Man Shed On The Water...

One clever and creative man in Whangarei has built a unique shed that floats and ties up to the marina aft of his live-aboard yacht. The design is based on the barges that were built in the beautiful ninth century German city of Ulm where Kurt comes from.
Ulm by the way, apart from being able to boast the world's tallest church steeple, was also the birthplace of Albert Einstein.
Now there was a clever man.
Traders from Ulm would float their wooden barges down the Danube and on reaching their destination would be taken apart and the wood reused.
Kurt's shed is nine metres long and four wide, it's amazingly stable and allows him much freedom to pursue his whims to build this or that or something else.
Or just to mess around in boats...

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