Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Footrot Flats...

Footrot Flats, Murray Ball's very funny tales of Wal and 'Dog' on a farm called Footrot Flats is New Zealand's most popular cartoon series.
It ran in newspapers around the world from the mid 1970's through the '90's and now twenty five years later, Footrot Flats the movie is back on the big screen from September One.
The world does need some light relief...
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  1. And there is Horse the cat, Pongi and the bitch in the kennel, the girlfriends and all the adventures. I got hooked in 1989 my 1st holiday to New Zealand. Looking forward to see the movie on the big screen.

  2. Absolutely brilliant humour from Murray Ball, as was the Bogor series, written by Burton Silver... Bet they wont be bringing that concept to the Silver Screen, though.....Dare I say it.... Was a bit disappointed with the voice over for Dog,bit too feminine sounding, I thought. Now Barry Crump doing the part would have been interesting....Now that said,I'd best duck for cover before the missiles find their target!!