Tuesday, August 23, 2011

One Amazing Housetruck. Revisited...

I posted this most amazing housetruck here back in May 2010. At that time Aaron and Natasha and their two children were completing the build of this imaginative house on wheels with it's seven popouts and two popups and hadn't moved in.
Now says Aaron, I just want to build a deck between the two upstairs bedrooms and maybe it will be time to sell it. I have some great ideas for another one...
This is, as you can see, a very unique housetruck.
In case you're wondering, yes it takes a day to take all the popups and outs in so it can be driven.
If anyone has a thought to perhaps purchasing this creative masterpiece on wheels, email me for more details...

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  1. ah a mobile 7 pop; with 2, 3 maybe even 4 bedrooms.
    WIth a deck between the top 2 that could become a veggie and fruit garden. With solar to be self contained.
    How much ?