Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Woman Faces Jail For Growing Vegetables In Her Front Garden...

It's really too ridiculous isn't it.
How mad has this Western society become.
Julie Bass of Oak Park, Michigan USA, mother of six, law abiding citizen and gardener, is now, a nearly convicted criminal.
She goes to trial, I can't believe this, on July 26, for the heinous crime of planting a vegetable garden in her front yard, which is against county laws. Only flowers and shrubs in the front garden thankyou very much.
If she's convicted, she faces a possible 93 days inside where nothing grows.
Will the judge put on his little black cap as he pronounces her sentence or throw the case out onto the compost heap where it belongs.
As do the Oak Park bureaucrats.
They're obviously full of the stuff that makes gardens grow...
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  2. Barney, surely the issue is that this 'law' is an ass...

  3. I bet they slap her with a hefty fine. How else would the local government make money? Putting her in jail would just cost money.