Thursday, July 7, 2011

DoC's Stupidity Wastes More Of Our Money...

New Zealand's Department of Conservation created a $20,000 walkway at another of my favourite places, between the Uretiti campground and the beach back in September 2010.
At that time any observer with a modicum of intelligence knew that two things were bound to happen with as much certainty as night follows day and these were pointed out to the bureaucrats at the time.
One was that the $2,000 worth of Stainless wire used as railings would go missing within a short time and two, the ugly 90 metre walkway which extended down past the high tide area would only last until the next of the many storms which frequent this Northland coast.
The expensive wire was stolen over the Christmas period and just the other day, on July 4, a medium sized storm demonstrated it's own independence and decimated the walkway.
As we knew it would...

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  1. You can't pull anything over on Mother Nature.

  2. DoC are arrogant enough to think they can do anything they want.
    It's time they were held accountable for everything they do and all the taxpayers money they spend...

  3. The ocean laughs at man's interference.

  4. What a shame, it looks horrible like that, you can't even get to the beach like that, it's a hazard. 1-NIL for Mother Nature.

    How come man always has to ruin what is natural and works. A path to the beach, trodden by many makes it's own shape.

    Do we need wheelchair access everywhere?
    Hope someone sues them for a twisted ankle...

  5. And we thought only the municipality commissions in India only had the dubious distinction of making something that would vanish within no time. Departments need to spend our money somehow or the other.