Saturday, July 23, 2011

Going For Gold...

Could it be the demise of the Dollar? And the end of the Euro?
Will the world say yes to the Chinese Yuan?
It might not happen this week but according to some experts, it will probably happen sooner than later.
And the Chinese are going for gold.
Their gold reserves are currently over one thousand tonnes and that's set to be raised to eight thousand tonnes.
That's a lot of gold.
Get some today while stocks last...
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  1. I'm saving silver...cheaper!

  2. Haha, good one Frann but it looks like you've got a little gold mine of your own out there in the desert...

  3. As the value of my money had dwindled so it doesn't buy much anymore I have decided my money should be in real things. Land, solar power, water storage, generator, tools ect.

  4. Real things seems a good idea. I would rather have tools than a lump of gold on a desert island.

  5. A good place to be Bill... no shopping malls or bureaucrats. A few coconuts I presume, fruit trees perhaps and good fishing. See you there...