Sunday, July 3, 2011

Where There's A Wit There's A Way...

Graeme Lewis has many wonderful childish and charitable traits which he can't help sharing.
Diagnosed with cancer twenty or so years ago and spending much time in hospital, he was given some modelling balloons to take his mind off his predicament.
He then found he was playing a 'Patch Adams' role in the wards and creating a lot of happiness for the patients, especially the children.
That started his role as 'Hammy the Clown' and for many years now has spent time creating fun balloon animals on the streets of Rotorua with all proceeds going to the Cancer Society.
Never shy of a public role, Graeme was Rotorua's Town Crier for many years and recently won the Local Hero Award.
Don't grow up Graeme...
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  1. He beat cancer and helps others do the same through humor. It is a fact that you don't feel pain while you are laughing. What a great guy.

  2. He is a great man DD, the world needs people like him...

  3. The world does indeed need more people like Graeme. ♥