Friday, July 15, 2011

Welcome Mr President...

"Firstly Mr President, thankyou for sparing the time and welcome to the first of what I hope will be many appearances on The Flying Tortoise.
I won't beat around the proverbial Mr President, we'll cut to the chase as they say.
The US debt level is at this moment a staggering 14.3 trillion dollars and you are about to raise it by a further 2.5 trillion dollars to avoid a payment default to creditors on August 2.
China is of course the biggest creditor and is owed one trillion dollars.
I'm personally out of pocket myself Mr President as I lent, yes I know, never a borrower or a lender be, but there was this guy in New York, Tramp or Trump I think his name was, well he said he was down and out and I lent him twenty bucks back in 1992. Haven't heard from him since.
But back to you Mr President and the big question.

When Mr President, is all this borrowing going to stop?"

"Well Keith. That's a very, very good question".

For appearing on TFT, I presented Mr Obama with a personally signed copy of my latest book, 'How To Live Well On A Small Income'. He was of course, delighted and said that he'd never heard of an idea quite like it and would it be ok if his people talked to my people...
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  1. They just print more money and start more wars..I am so tired of the crap coming out of Washington DC.