Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cut Price...

Have spent a couple of days in Auckland, wandered a few shops, amazed at the prices and the 50% off sales everywhere.
My locks were needing a lop and thought I'd have plenty of choice for a cut. I went to eight or nine salons, they were all empty, waiting for me I thought. The prices were staggering, from $35-$50. I couldn't believe it as I'm used to paying $20 or under. But high rents have pushed the cuts up and customer counts down.
Fortunately I found my lovely friend Fahimeh in her Ponsonby salon.
She made me look good for less...
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  1. I have found that hairdressers in small towns such as Foxton and Paeroa do mens hair for less than $20. And they do a fine job skirting around the bald patch and even willing to trim the beard. Stay out of the big bad city!