Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Love Language...

"I ask him if he's sorry we didn't find each other when we were young and he says he would have never recognised me when he was young.
And besides he says, he was too old when he was young. I feel the same way I tell him, remembering when I too, was so much older..."
From 'A Thousand Days in Venice'.
An Unexpected Romance by Marlene de Blasi.


  1. When my house is done I am going to relax an read..for a long time.

  2. Don't they say 'youth is wasted on the young' A well known British journalist made the observation 'had I known how fabulous my body was at 20 I would have worn my Bikini for a whole year' Statistically the older we get the happier we become....surely that must be because we can finally see the Cosmic joke of it all. Wrinkles and all.