Friday, April 8, 2011

Discharged And Free...

So the physiotherapists are happy with my walking with crutches and for the next six weeks it's only partial weight on my new leg.
And the 'step' test was passed with ease so now it's on with the rest of my life.
Free of the debilitating pain that's been with me for years, I'm looking forward to fully embracing my lifestyle and to playing golf again, dancing, walking, cycling, playing table tennis and boogie boarding...
The Waitakere Hospital staff have been wonderful and I thank them for their professionalism and warmth, their considerations and their joyful dispositions.
And Chris and Don who with their knee surgeries and Pam with her hip surgery made up the little ward called Titirangi that we shared.
Four strangers when we met, we had a lot of fun and helped each other on the road to a quick recovery.
And thankyou to you for your kind words of support...


  1. Take it slow and you physical therapist is you new best friend. Happy it went well..

  2. Pleased you're up and go....take care

  3. Best foot forward now - up,up & away!!