Monday, April 11, 2011

A Joy Of Convalescence...

I'm a lucky man, enjoying the beauty of Auckland's Waitemata Harbour from one of it's most beautiful dress circle seats.
Today the waters are sparkling as vehicles motor on their missions across the harbour bridge as they do each day from it's early hours.
Yachts large and small wend their ways with lazy wind and thankyou, I'll just watch a while longer...


  1. Keith maybe the Minister of Health could hire you as their Poster Boy!!! they need someone with your positive outlook and thankful attitude. We are so lucky here in NZ, there are many countries where you would have just been left to grind to a halt. Great to know you are in fine spirits. Love Ben and H XX

  2. I've been out of internet touch for a while. Today i am catching up in a wi-fi cafe. Best wishes, Keith, for a speedy return to normality.

  3. I just googled "Auckland's Waitemata Harbour" and it is beautiful! Hope you are able to post soon..

  4. Thanks Frann. Blogger and Picasa engineers are working on the 'problem' and hopefully we will be back with images soon, but life goes on...