Monday, April 18, 2011

Keeping Traditions Alive...

Many cars wore one of these a few years ago, with a sense of pride, a status symbol of sorts. The ubiquitous wire coat hanger, aka the universal car aerial, aka the number eight fencing wire fixit tool.
One of the great New Zealand icons that made this pioneering country as good as it used to be.
It's so good to see it here on this old VW Combi.
Keeping traditions alive...
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  1. It is dang hard and close to impossible to find good full size wire coat hangers anymore. I have made a lot of things out of them.

  2. Send me a 20ft container DD, I'll fill it up and send it back to you. Hope you don't mind paying the freight...

  3. DD you'll never get a better offer than that and to make it even more fun I will make a documentary of Keith filling the container with coat hangers.....damn that will make enthralling viewing! Who knows where the quest will lead him?